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大学演讲比赛 > 2012 > 正文
21stCentury Cup National English Speaking Competition Closes Successfully
来源:BY WANG ZI    日期: 2012-04-08

KUNMING, Yunnan – Chen Jiehao from Communication University of China, outshone other 23 finalists to claim the title of 21stCentury Cup National English Speaking Competition sponsored by China Daily in Kunming, Yunnan province, on Sunday afternoon.

“I feel overwhelmed to win the top award and I would like to extend my gratitude towards my tutor”, said 20-year-old winning the top award of the 17th edition of the contest in Yunnan Convention Center.

Chen Jiehao triumphed over 100,000 participants from 19 provinces around the country in this year's competition discussing “Cultural Clashes versus Coexistence between China and the West” in their prepared speech. Over 10 months, contestants nationwide whittled down to Sunday’s 24 through a series of online, campus and regional rounds.

Chen is to represent China at the International Public Speaking Competition, launched by the English-Speaking Union, in London this May, along with Li Sitong from Tianjin No.3 High School who won the champion of senior high school session a day before.

Du Yubo, vice-minister of education, praised the competition’s endeavor to push forward the country’s English education quality.

“The competition’s experience in developing students’ independent thinking and character is of great referencing value to the educational reform and innovation in China’s English teaching field,” said Du.

“I have seen a steady improvement of standards of the competition during these years and the level of English proficiency of contestants also experienced great progress,” said Stephen E Lucas, professor of Communication Arts at the University of Wisconsin, and one of the question masters at the contest.

Wang Guoqing, vice-minister of the Information Office of the State Council, presented Chen Jiehao with her trophy on the awarding ceremony. Wang sees the competition of great tradition a showcase of Chinese youth’s eagerness to improve cross-cultural communication.

“Students’ desire to communicate with the world embodies not only in learning the language but also in their practice of exchange of ideas, free expression and enhancing mutual trust between China and the world,” said Wang.

Gao Feng, vice-governor of Yunan province, extended invitation to young people to pursuit a promising career in Yunan.

“Yunan’s prospect to become more open will serve as an ideal platform to young talents to make best use of their international horizon, social responsibility and professional expertise,” said Gao.

Besides Chen Jiehao’s top award “China Daily 21stCentury Most Promising Speaker”, the competition has also offered prizes of study tours in United States, Australia, and Hong Kong.

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