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大连海事大学刘子琨:Live in the faith of love
来源:21英语网    日期: 2011-04-25




I always give myself sometime to recall my 20 years life since I was born, most of my time is spent pursuing different goals one by one, a good university, an excellent grade, a well-behaved girl in the eyes of my parents. However, there is a question remain unanswered in my heart, what is the motivation for me to keep pursuing these goals?

This is a question baffling the young generation in China.We grow up following the rules determined by the cruel reality: the tough examinations of sorts, the sizzling housing price and the intense job market. We are robots completing tasks in accordance with pre-set plans but not the faith deeply in our heart. What do we live for?  I can hardly find out the answer until I read two pieces of news online which inspired me to make a change.

It was a sad story taking place in a city of southern china. A 90-year-old man was found dead for at least 7 days in his house, he has been alone for years lacking physically and mentally care from his grown-up children. But in the other corner of the country, a heart-warming scene was put on. The two brothers living in Shandong province dedicated their entire life to their 100-year-old mother and remain single. For 6 years, every day, they have been carrying their blind mother to work in a field miles away. Tired they were, but they never give up. Because in their eyes, mother is exactly what they live for.

Ladies and gentlemen, we cannot even imagine how terrible it is if we live without love, but fortunately we can still feel the warmth expressed by love, just like the sunlight shining on us.

Yes, it is love that keeps us fighting for the future. And it is love that teaches us thanksgiving. In the present-day society, some people are so vulnerable that they can easily give up their lives regardless of any consequences. Why? Because love is far away from them, confronted with difficulties, they feel lonely and helpless. Without love, the society might lose its moral compass. As a result, people might lose their confidence in life. They would be hostile to each other, and even fail to live a normal life with a faith in their heart.

As we all know, our generation is labeled as indifferent and irresponsible. But thousands of Post 90s are now trying to prove to you that they are the future of the worldbecause they have love in their heart. Just have a look at the hectic volunteers busy working during the Beijing Olympic Games and the Shanghai world Expo, they are angels spreading love to the society.

Yes, it is exactly love that lead us a better life. From now on, we should live seriously and responsibly, not only for ourselves but also for the people who love us. Live in the faith of love, and make the world a better place. Thank you.

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