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来源:21英语网    日期: 2011-05-10




Several years ago, just like most of the other students in China, I had to choose between science and liberal arts and two voices were fighting against each other. “Pursue your dream and go up for science”, shouted one voice and “Be realistic, for math and physics are just not what girls do”, screamed another voice.

At that time, I was trapped in an awkward dilemma, because most of the girls around me made up their mind to take up liberal arts. Admittedly, it was very compelling to do as did your peers and jump on the bandwagon. Even my mother was attempting to persuade me into being a safe player. Anyway, conventional wisdom has it that it’s far harder for girls to succeed in the scientific field.

But I kept asking myself:“Is it really worthwhile to be onto something that seemingly offers you more chances to win even if you have passion elsewhere.” No, definitely not. Finally I determined to be a science student and became the one of the few girls in my class.

Girls, ask yourselves, have you ever been talked into getting down to what you are expected to do even if you are not keen on it in the slightest? Have you ever given up on your plan because of the overwhelming noise around you? Have you ever been approved of for your “goodness” and obedience to rules while you are driven by a desire to be different, original and independent?

Developed and advanced as our society is, there are still stereotyped ideas buried in people’s minds, which exercise their tremendous power over our life and career paths. Those conventional beliefs are barriers that bar us from numerous possibilities.

It’s time that we built up our own belief. And the first thing is to believe in yourself. Why not dig out our potential and bring it into full play? Why not give it a shot and see what we could possibly be? Why not challenge ourselves to the boundaries and live our life to the fullest?

Women can hold up half the sky and contribute to the world just as much as men do. For example, Jane Austin went against the traditional idea that women could only succeed in the domestic field, and became one of the greatest writers of her time. We have seen an increasing number of women leading the field that was once the world of men.

Our belief does make a difference in our life. Yielding to the conventional belief may deprive ourselves of the opportunity to realize our value. On the contrary, sticking to our own can bring us fulfillment, happiness and most importantly a life without regrets. 

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