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深圳大学黄益民: My View on the Role of Humanism in Today's Technologically Advanced World
来源:21世纪英文网    日期: 2012-04-20



As I first read the term humanism, I came up with a picture of an ideal world, which is peaceful with everyone respecting each other, and well behaving themselves. But sadly not, every day I watch the TV, bad news keep imposing me talking about people conducting indecency. Maybe the technology is what to blame because it brings the world more than it needs, which drives the world to desire for more and more through whether legal way or not. Even though, the world needs technology to progress only if humanism is guiding the lead.  

As for global hot spot, technology has been weaponized, and still is. Nuclear weapon now is back to table again with UN's deficient effort to sterilize it. With its destructiveness, some use it to purse hegemonism; some to break the Anti-nuclear Convention in the excuse of self-defense. Whatever the nonsense is, nuclear weapon is doing the world no good if it is abused by dictators or terrorists.

Enough for the world news, and let’s talk about our daily lives. There is an old Chinese saying going like “eating conquers all”, which indicates that people care about food the most. Nowadays, with the favor of technology, the production and the variety of food have been increasingly improved, but not the quality. It is the food manufacturer who should take blame because production is placed as the only concern while safety is neglected. Poisonous milk, fake eggs do profiting the companies only at the expense of people’s life. So manufacturers should make the duty of safety-guarantee their motto.  

Besides food issue, every day people come across personal information leakage, or precisely speaking, privacy violation. Spy software, which is installed in your cell phone or computer, may secretly let out information. Maybe it is not a big deal in losing some personal data, but largely speaking, ethical crisis does matter a lot. In order to avoid such annoyance, morality is the answer. With every one being moral, software technology will socialize people closer without crossing the line.

To conclude, the world is technologically progressing. However, humanism can never leave behind. With humanism, lethal weapons can neutralize the force of different policies by creating metta peace instead of killing threat; safe food will not only build up strong bodies, but a solid foundation of a nation; internet will bring closer relation between people without depriving privacy. In a word, humanism is the guidance for the world's technological development.                              

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