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华南理工大学广州学院李颖芳:My view on the role of humanism in today’s technologically advanced world.
来源:21世纪英文网    日期: 2012-04-20








Today I would like to begin with my personal experience.

When I was in my senior three, the first turning point of my life, I was faced with a dilemma, the choice of my career path. Should I choose a major concerning humanism or high-tech?

 "Go to learn the arts, you have the talent." my high school

Art teacher advised.

"Why not consider the bioelectrical engineering .It's the most active one of the clinical subjects in the Twenty-first Century.” Less competition with good prospect!" my

Mom offered.

I assume this is also the dilemma that most of you are faced, and as i observed, in this materialistic and pragmatic society, increasing number of people prefers choosing high technologies as their major. Yet, the study of humanity seems to lag behind.

Why is the case? What is the reason for this situation? Because people tend to believe the study of science may create more value such as wealth, success, and further opportunities by enabling them to achieve their dream. While humanism seems to be an utopian idea which has little realistic value.

Nevertheless, we are college students, the younger generation of the country. What we do definitely exert a tremendous influence on the future of the country. Therefore, I strongly hope that you have had a chance to incorporate something in your life that could well be the most important value. Simply stated, it is humanism.

Literature encourages us to exercise our imaginations, empathize with others, and expand our understanding of language.

Such glaring things of humanism also can be found in music.  Music can help us to release pressure and stimulate spirit. Research has shown that music has a profound effect on your body and psyche. In fact, there’s a growing field of health care known as Music Therapy, which uses music to heal, and actually it has been applied in New York Metro to ameliorate the once high crime rate.

The third expression of humanism that I’d like to enumerate is art. Art also has a lot benefits to us,

It not only facilitates us to practice the use of imagination, also teaches us to have patience. A lot of people who love art keep a positive attitude toward life. Learning art helps you to shape your own beauty standards and therefore enables us to obtain inner tranquility.

Humanism is for values, for ethics for morality. Humanism values logic and rationalism. Humanism trusts man’s ability to plan his growth and maturity. Humanism cherishes curiosity, enlightenment and the ability to be discerning. Inshort, humanism widens the horizon of your life's journey.

Life is a journey.

Hi-tech is the vehicle

Humanism is our companion.

Should we review the value of humanism? And put it in the spotlight again? Because I was sure it also plays an important role in our life.

We ought to remember that science and technology may not need Humanism. Nonetheless science and technology without Humanist values would indeed be a nightmare. Imagine if the robot gets the power of technology, they can also rule the world. So the only thing can distinguish us with other creatures is humanism.

Humanity needs Humanism that is deeply committed to the naturalistic world view of science, and to humane, beneficent technology.

So, ladies and gentlemen, in the 14th century, the cultural and art treasure created in the Renaissance turned out to be fruitful and priceless. Why don’t we revitalize humanism in this century? And let’s see what surprise it will bring to us.

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