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广西师范大学叶芍宏:Humanism-the beacon of life
来源:21世纪英文网    日期: 2012-04-20






Good morning/afternoon ladies and gentlemen,

On a sunset highway, flanked by golden cyprus, Cars were speeding forward. Suddenly, they all steered a little either to the left or to the right, to avoid a seemingly living creature, blocking their way. In fact, it’s a girl, lying in the very midst of the flowing of racing cars, bleeding and moaning, helplessly. But the drivers kept on driving, coldly and boldly, leaving her suffering from the menace of death.

Why did the highway passers-by keep driving ahead, ignoring the girl in danger? Might it be the fear of troubles resulting from a kind-hearted favour? Might it be their schedules of work outweighing the rescue? or might it be the declining belief in humanism prevailing in the technological world? In the real essence, they have all dimmed the light of humanism, though secured themselves. Indeed, by evading the wounded girl, they were secured. However, we can still see the ray of humanism on the highway.

Drawing near was a car. it slowed down and stopped by the wounded. Out stepped a man and an elegant young lady. They approached the girl. Appalled by the scene, they called the ambulance for help. In the meantime, the young lady strode to the middle of the highway, serving as a traffic policeman to divert the dashing cars away from the injured. And the man returned to fetch the alarming board. A girl’s  scream shocked him. He turned around, only to find that the young lady, his wife, was hit and fell on the highway.

Panic-stricken, he soon calmed down. After removing his wife into the parking area, he continued to direct the cars on the way, until the ambulance arrived.

Fortunately, the girl and the lady Nana were both saved. But Nana might not be able to walk as gracefully as ever. During the interview, she told the reporter, "i don't and i won't regret helping this girl, because the last thing i want to see is the tragedy happening to Yue Yue. I wish what i have done, could waken the mere humanism in most people, and make a warmer and humane living space."

I've been believing that humanism, is about caring, caring about others while caring about ourselves. When Lots of the civilians on the way decided to ignore it, she decided to keep an eye on it; when most of the drivers were shun away from caring about the wounded, she decided to give a hand and take a risk; when civilians of the date can hardly see and feel the humanism, she devoted herself to carrying it out and making it shine.

The pace of life might be too fast to be slowed down, the electronic divides might be too user-friendly to enable us taste the joy of life, and the seed of humanism might therefore fail to grow.  
But ladies and gentlemen, let the light of humanism in your heart illuminates the world, and you will find it rewarding to feel the warmth of life. Take courage and give your hand, you'll see what is around the corner.


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