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华南理工大学成旭:My view on role of humanism in today’s technologically advanced world
来源:21世纪英文网    日期: 2012-04-20



生于东北,求学于广州,曾作为交换生在台湾生活过半年,也曾在美国United Auto Workers实习,和来自世界各国的实习生打成一片,并即将去波兰向当地大学生教授中文。我热爱英语,在新东方讲台上挥洒过汗水,在英语演讲比赛中锻炼自我;我热爱绘画,七年画龄,尤擅工笔;我热爱旅游,是一名地道的沙发客;我更热爱生活,相信梦想可以通过自己的努力实习。



Good morning, ladies and gentlemen.

In today’s technologically advanced world, the role of humanism has been more visible and touchable than ever. It’s not only about compassion, sacrifice and kindness in the old time, but more like a magnifying glass to make the good part of human nature much better and the bad part much clearer for us to see.

Without doubt that humanism could magnify the best part of human nature and bring hope, belief and love to everyone in despair with the help of today’s highly developed technology. Think about the moment that how happy you can be when you help a devastated person just by clicking your mouse online. And will you be overwhelmed with happiness when you could make this seemingly impossible task possible?

Micro blog right now enjoys a huge popularity in China. Last year, a young couple updated a single status on micro blog begging that they need people’s help to find their 5 year-old missing son. Within a second, this message was forwarded more than thousands of times. At first, I forwarded this message without any strong feeling or hope attached. I was wondering what can it do except from comforting those devastated parents. However, with the messages forwarded by more and more people, some surprising news popping on my page that one stranger spotted the missing child and updated the photo online. Only one day later, the missing boy was home safe and sound with the help of more than 10 thousand people within 48 hours. Being part of this amazing and exciting 48 hours is so meaningful and inspiring, for I see the most beautiful and moving part of human nature.

On the other side of the picture, technology can also help humanism magnify the most evil part of human nature for us to see. Online forum made it possible for us to have access to any information we want, while it also made it easier to spread unhealthy values that more and more people are becoming more greedy, indifferent and selfish than ever. When an old woman fell over in the street, more than 80% of people refused to offer help, for people heard so much about how an old lady’s family treated the person who helped as some bad guy who made the lady fall. And most of us even feel it OK not to help, unfortunately we make those exceptions into a golden rule. Last year, when a case like this happened and the old lady struggled for help, we finally think it as a right time to break the worst stereotype. Experts, students, reporters and all kinds of people start to save the moral decline. Professors from Peking University even said to their students that you should offer help whenever you see an old man fall over, for the school of law will help you win the lawsuit and the school of journalism and communication will help you win the media. In this technologically advanced world, we can easily see the dark side of human nature. However, no matter how bad we turn into, humanity never fails to be the best cure and teach us to cherish the best part of human nature.

Humanism is indeed a magnifying glass in this technologically advanced world, no matter which side of human nature we are in. Humanism can always light up the world and make it as beautiful as we first saw it. And that can create the most inspiring moments in our lives.

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