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第24届“21世纪·可口可乐杯”全国英语演讲比赛 第十七届“21世纪·VIPKID杯”全国中学英语演讲比赛 第十七届“21世纪·VIPKID杯”全国小学英语演讲比赛 第十七届“21世纪·VIPKID杯”全国小学英语演讲比赛 第三届中国日报社“21世纪杯”少儿英语大会
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来源:21世纪英文网    日期: 2012-04-20


我就读于西安欧亚学院外语系,今年是二年级的学生。从世界屋脊的青藏高原到西安古城,我的生活发生了很多变化,我的人生也多了很多思考。藏民族纯朴的生活观和独特的信仰赋予了我对生活的热爱和未来的憧憬。志愿者是我从2006到现在一直在扮演的角色,在志愿的世界里,我从老师翻译男护士老年服务站的帮手还有孤儿院寻求帮助的联系人,这些都是我一直重复扮演的角色。在从中我找到了快乐和幸福,也让我相信这是我一生要完成的大梦。在大一我在学校获得了语音模仿大赛一等奖,大二获得了欧亚学院“外研社杯”校园赛区的二等奖  21世纪陕西省英语演讲季军。



Good afternoon ladies and Gentlemen,

I believe that humanism is about kindness and caring for people in need.

I believe the role of humanism in today’s technological world is to guide technological development to respond to human need in a benevolent way.

 In 2010 I was in Yushu during that terrible earthquake. I experienced the full horror of buildings falling and people being trapped. I witnessed the quick response from modern technology when people inside yushu called people outside for help with their mobile phones.  Very soon the whole world was responding whole heartedly. After only 5 hours, there was another sound- this time it was helicopters bringing doctors, medical supplies, and the facilities to evacuate the wounded to hospital.

Recent advances in earthquake detection and rescue technology have been developed in response to the need to save lives quickly.

Consider advances in green food technology, guided by the need for clean natural food and to protect the environment;

Advances in water conservation and purification, guided by the need for clean drinking water and for crops and livestock;

advances in delivering education to everyone, especially the use of video and the internet for distance learning;

advances in medicine, especially affordable medicine for AIDS sufferers in Africa;

and advances in building technology guided by the need to keep people safe and warm.

All these are the result of responding to human needs with kindness and caring and guiding technology for the benefit of mankind.

When I think about the world of advanced technology today, I think of my home, the remote and harsh environment of the Tibetan Plateau, and farmers living in tents with  solar energy that they use to power their lights, TV, computers and to improve their lifestyle.  I think of farmers talking on their mobile phones, discussing the weather patterns, the cost of food, community news and events.  They even talk about Steve Jobs. The train to Lhasa, itself a wonderful engineering feat, brings modern medicine and education to these remote areas. The communities are now interlinked and connected, one of the most basic human needs.

Human beings have a need to be connected, to be safe to be cared for in times of trouble and hardship.

The development of technology must be guided by these needs. If this is not so, then the development of technology is in the hands of mean and, greedy people.  The focus of technological development would be wars and weapons, fraud the misuse of information, and the exploitation of people, such as cheap labor.

It can only be humanism which provides the guidance we all need for a better world.

And it is you, who have the responsibility to use the technology wisely, to spread the kindness and caring.  


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