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日期: 2014-04-24




What We Talk about When We Talk about Happiness
Good afternoon everyone,
Our topic for today is: “What we talk about when we talk about Happiness” Quite tongue-tangling, isn’t it? And I thought about it, real hard, and now I would like to share my thoughts with you.
The simplest way to get an answer is to ask questions, so I asked my friends and Wikipedia, “what is happiness”? 
From my friends, I’ve received all sorts of answers. “A family eating together”, “Sea waves, cuisines and close friends”, “All-you-can-eat-restaurants”, “Warm hugs and laughter”, “When someone cares”, “Self-accomplishments, making our parents proud”, “Helping others”, “Having the freedom to choose”,  “Friends, family, and chocolate” and the answer goes on and on and on… They all sounded heart-warming or mouth-drooling.
And from Wikipedia, it said that “Happiness is a fuzzy concept and can mean many different things to many people.” So happiness could be anything.
Happiness could be a lover’s kiss, a hand to hold, a hug from a dear friend at the darkest moments. Happiness could be a hot bath after a long day, a satisfying meal after hours of hunger, a good night’s sleep after days of stress. 
Happiness could be waking up and realizing you have another day to live. Happiness could be having the ability to dream and find ways to pursue that dream. Happiness could be making our own existence the reason for other’s happiness.
And between all these answers, I found that there is one thing in common; 
The true essence of a beautiful life, Love. 
Happiness is always about love. Love in every possible way. 
People have plastic surgeries, go on diets and change their hair color to make themselves happy about their own appearances, so they can look into the mirror with more confidence and feel loved by others, and more importantly, to love themselves a little more. There are many cases of men and women who found themselves the courage to look for a loving partner after the surgeries. If they didn’t bother to be loved, why go through such pain?
Some people feel happy by pushing and training themselves to the limit to represent their countries in international competitions, like the Olympics; they are happy through making themselves, their country, and their families proud. Showing the whole world their love for their homeland. 
Some people are happy just by floating around doing nothing, a cup of coffee and a nice book to read could make them happy, the love for a peaceful life is what makes them happy. 
The things we do to be happy always has love in it, from the smallest act to the biggest life decisions. Just dig deep, and there you’ll find love.
When we talk about happiness, what we really talk about is Love.
Thank you for your attention,
Have a pleasant day!

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