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日期: 2014-04-24




University as I see it
Gone are the brilliant days when we had nothing to be afraid of in our childhood under the umbrella of parents.So free we seemed to be.But as time slipped away all just vanished together with that adorable umbrella.
Until one day, however, when I became a freshman a couple of months ago. I kept wondering whether these golden days had actually gone away. Faced with more than a hundred choices of enriching my life on campus,I said to myself,welcome to paradise.Frankly, I naively believed that the university was a symbol of absolute freedom.Skipping the classes,enjoying the nightclubs,or even just simply staying at the dormitory watching the American soap operas from day to night were some my ways of killing time.Somehow, I happened to feel much more like a freeman than ever before,plus with financial support from my parents.I admit that was when I found myself trapped in a big lie that I made for myself because of the wrong definition of freedom.
Then one day was greeted with alarm by me. It was a lovely sunny afternoon. After I finished the rehearsals with the Art Club, I came downstairs to pick up my keys. Still drowned in the music world, I opened the door, whistling breezily with my hips swinging heavily. Unexpectedly, what I saw just zipped my mouth. Many classmates were burying themselves in books instead of hanging out on such a lovely weekend. I felt that I was within and without when I found they were so full-filled and rejoiced. I picked up my keys in silence and went directly to my dorm, refusing the invitation for karaoke with my pals.
Depressingly and somberly,I was lying in bed, reconsidering my own university life and my own freedom.An idle youth, a needy age. I came to realize that I was simultaneously enchanted and repelled by my so-called freedom of university life since I have done abundant things with the purpose of liberating myself from validness.Surely the university is the wonderland of freedom,still all are based on self-discipline. And the majority still tops the have-to-do list.I should have seized my own diamond-like blooming time to arm myself both mentally and physically instead of wasting it for fun like an idiot.
Meanwhile, I am overwhelmingly aware of the fact that only when we are free from our desire can we become a real freeman. I deeply embrace the idea that university was, is and will always be a paradise which makes everyone a better one and which allows us to make mistakes as long as we correct them.After I have been through all this,I think maybe it’s time for me to find another umbrella back.Being free and young in the university is like a diamond, which is shining and breath-taking. And that is the university as I see it.

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