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来源:21英语网    日期: 2010-11-18



Breathing with Dreams

  I have a question for you. ‘Do you know how to breathe?’ Okay, I know what you are thinking now, “Girl, are you kidding me? Everybody knows how to breathe.” Actually, if I were you sitting down in there one year ago, I would think, “How did she make it to the final?”

  Alright, seriously speaking, what I am talking about is “the art of breathing”, and it’s about breathing in a Yoga way: peacefully and always under control. What it reveals is the real essence of perseverance, “In order to achieve, sometimes, you need to wait.” And when it comes to things you really want in life, it is as hard as it could possibly be.

  For me, singing is a life thing. When I am singing on the stage, I feel whole-heartedly involved, and the self-fulfillment it renders is inexplicably thrilling. But with all the realistic problems I need to face in life, all those I want seem too far to be true– so far that I am terrified that I will never ever be able to get there and that gradually I will be carried away by the currents and torrents of life. I’ve been drowned into this ambivalence for so long. Now, with a refined perspective towards self-realization, I am waiting, in a graceful posture, and knowing that I am going to get there. And on this, I should say, I owe Yoga a thank-you.

  I still remember, about one year ago, I attended a Yoga course for the very first time. And to tell you the truth, I went there for a nice figure. However, after practicing for some time, I discovered that there was an ineffable inner-strength burgeoning sneakily in me while I totally focused. In order not to let go this significant power, I started to picture all I wanted in my mind while I was fully concentrating, for I believe the wings of imagination could make things possible. I learned to breathe with my dreams, shaping the eagerness into this elegant gesture of persisting.

  And now, if you ask me what exactly is “the art of breathing”, I would say it is indeed “the art of living”. It combines the search of balance, the grace of patience, and the awareness of appreciation.

  So even though feelings are tied up with life routines, I could still hold onto that free EGO which I have always adored: the girl who is singing under the spotlight, with all her heart and soul; the girl who is persevering with all she believes in and always feels grateful for what has been bestowed on her.

  That girl is now standing right here in front of you, hoping that you are all as lucky as she is, living with dreams and love. No matter how tough things get, I tell myself, I tell myself that, every single thing I am doing now is every step closer to that very moment of my trajectory, just like every Yoga breath to every blossom moment of my life.

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