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日期: 2018-09-05



                            Question Mark for Globalization

“Globalization is a conspiracy.” my South African friend, Nuhu, once told me. I was in a shock while he explained, “It’s a game that we’re forced to play by the rules set by the superior westerners.” And by learning about the drive of the original globalization, the primitive accumulation of capital, I’m convinced that enough is enough. The unequal, violent exchange should have been enough since a long time ago.

However, what we do see today is that China has risen up by selling our products around the globe and learning advanced technology from others. And Africa is also believed to be the next China, another economic hub in the near future. So, although this might be an unfair game to play like what Nuhu claims, what he fails to see is that globalization is the very ladder for nations, especially those at the bottom of the global hierarchy to climb up. This win-win globalization is not enough. We can have more of it.

But what is the backlash? We have been fearing that the tide of globalization, the outpouring of western values will undermine our own. So when the global stage is not hearing a lot from the Chinese culture and not to mention the African culture, I guess Nuhu is onto something. The globalization that amplifies some cultures while extinguishing the others should have been enough since the very beginning. 

And yet that’s not the whole picture. We see that our traditional works like Sun Tzu’s Art of War being worshiped by businessmen around the globe makes us start to relook at it and appreciate it again. And the Nobel Prize awarding for Moyan’s literature leads us to reflect on the development of our villages. So in the past, only we, Chinese people protect and pass on Chinese culture; but now, the international scholars, professors or even just ordinary people all over the world who get interested in our culture are preserving it. The uniqueness not well-protected by us transforms into the diversity universally-respected by global citizens. It is because of globalization that China and its culture are truly on a global stage. 

So globalization is actually an on-going process that keeps surprising us while startling those worries and fears. It’s a dynamic system that we should look for ways to utilize and enhance.

But with the Brexit and the success of Trumpism, it seems major countries are all shifting away from globalization. But just because they are slowing down, making turns and adjusting themselves instead of peddling up, it doesn’t mean they are going for anti-globalization.

We are at an unprecedented point where the world becomes ever so connected that we need to figure out the boundaries and balance between censorship and openness; sameness and differences; patriotism and global citizenship. It’s the best time that every nation should seek for a better role to play in the globalization where we should continue to make improvements on.  

It’s very understandable for nations to panic and make changes but we should never quit for it’s clear to us all that globalization is the only way that we seek for co-prosperity. 

Globalization is not a conspiracy planned already, but a beautifully unfinished song to be written by us all.

Enough is SO NOT enough.


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