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Dr. Verner C. Bickley, MBE
Chairman of the English-Speaking Union, Hong Kong
“It is a splendid tribute to the organisers that the 20th National English Speaking Competition is now taking place in Kaifeng.  I have been fortunate to attend quite a large number of these Competitions over the years and, from the first, have been most impressed by the efficiency of the organisation and the quality of the competitors. As we all know, language is different  from other subjects. It has been compared by one scholar to a mountain that can be approached in different ways. This competition will surely help those who have the courage to enter and who aim to climb this mountain successfully, choosing a path that will enable them to achieve their goal and, in doing so. help them to gain from the experience.”
Prof. Hou Yiling
Professor of English, Beijing Foreign Studies University; Editor of the English Language Learning magazine
Prof. Ren Xiaoping
Ambassador, Ministry of Foreign Affairs; Professor at the China Foreign Affairs University & the University of International Business and Economics
“I am very proud to be one of the initiators of the 21st Century National English Speaking Competition. The past 20 years have seen the competition grown into a great national event which has attracted millions of university and high school students. It is an enlightening experience for those who  strive for excellence, reach beyond oneself and  learn from others. Congratulations! Happy 20th birthday!”
Prof. Mao Sihui
Director of English Language Centre, Shantou University; Executive Chairman of the Macao-wide English Speech Contest and the China Daily "21st Century Cup" National English Speaking Competition Macao Regional Contest (since 2005)
“As a long-time and also long-term partner of the China Daily "21st Century Cup" National English Speaking Competition over the last decade, we've had the great honour and privilege of organising the Macao-wide English Speech Contest since 2002, co-organising the 11th "21st Century Macao Star Cup" National English Speaking Competition in 2006 and hosting the Winners' HK & Macao Study Tour since 2007. For the last 20 years, we have witnessed the great contribution China Daily has made to the creation of a world-class platform for the brightest students and the best “non-native” speakers of English from Greater China to demonstrate their outstanding English language proficiency, great public speaking skills, and diverse and critical views on the world they live in. We wish the competition even greater success in the years to come!”   
Mr. Sun Ning
Deputy Director (of the Training Division) of the Department of Translation and Interpretation, Ministry of Foreign Affairs

Dr. Mark Novak

Dean & Senior International Officer, California State University, Bakersfield

“It has been my privilege and honor to serve as Judge and Question Master for the 21st Century English Speaking Competition Semi-Finals for more than a decade. The 21st Century English Speaking Competition provides an invaluable bridge between Chinese and Western culture. In this respect it fosters international harmony and cross-cultural understanding. On this 20th anniversary of the competition’s start, I want to compliment the founders of the competition for their foresight and commitment to cultural exchange. And I wish the 21st Century many more years of success in this important endeavor.”


Dr. Arthur McNeill

Director of the Center for Language Education, Associate Dean of the School of Humanities and Social Science, The Hong Kong University of Science and Technology
“The standard of English public speaking at this annual competition is outstanding and seems to get better and better! Over the years, I have witnessed dazzling performances given by Chinese students who know how to use English persuasively to make audiences think, laugh and cry. The impact of the competition on English learning has been phenomenal.”
Mr. Paul Scott
Head of BBC Learning English
“To all of this year’s students in the China Daily 21st Century Speaking Competition – good luck, I wish you all the best and I look forward to hearing a fantastic variety of presentations. Remember, winning or losing does not matter if you’ve given all you can. I’d also like to say congratulations to China Daily on reaching the milestone of 20 years of providing an English language speaking competition. A brilliant achievement which, I’m sure, has inspired many millions of young people in China to learn and use English.”
Dr. Sun Jisheng

Assistant President of China Foreign Affairs University; Professor and PhD Supervisor of International Studies, China Foreign Affairs University


Mr. David Quartermain

Deputy Director of the MPI-Bell Centre of English, Macao Polytechnic Institute

"English is not a set of rules to be memorized, or an exam to pass. English is a living, breathing language, that enriches the mind, emboldens the spirit, and brings untold opportunities to so many worldwide. Here in China, English can be your passport to success, opening doors in business, travel, entertainment, and friendships. Thank you 21st Century for changing the lives for all those students who have spoken so eloquently and courageously in this competition."


Dr. Ubon Sanpatchayapong

Assistant Professor of English, Rangsit University, Thailand

“The 20th anniversary is China Daily’s very special moment in the arena of media. I am glad to have been working with this prestigious English newspaper for years and share a part of this amazing milestone in its media profession. To date, China Daily “21st Century Cup” English Speaking Competition has contributed a great deal to education, especially to English teaching and learning outside its native land successfully. Each competition inspires teachers, students, judges, and interested people to put efforts on teaching and learning this universal language toward a lot of achievement with activities (e.g. campaigns to recruit students countrywide and supports for their visit and getting to know students from multi-cultural backgrounds). This hard work and dedication change a lot of students’ life and make them enthusiastic, responsible, happy, and successful. As one among the judges, I would like to express my heartfelt congratulations on this significant anniversary to China Daily. Congratulations and may China Daily grow an everlasting growth and success!”


Dr. Hikyoung Lee

Professor at the Department of English Language & Literature; Director of the Institute of Foreign Language Studies, Korea University

“On behalf of Korea University, South Korea, our sincerest congratulations to China Daily/21st Century on the 20th anniversary of the National English Speaking Competition! This competition has served as the premier venue for showcasing and nurturingEnglish speaking elites in China and beyond. Korea University is honored to be part of the competition and the international cultural exchange it fosters. We wish you continued success with the competition and as the leading English newspaper in the world.”


Dr. Yanwing Leung
Associate Professor and two-term Chairman and Director of the Department and Graduate Institute of Foreign Languages and Literatures of Taiwan University
“Chinese may be the most spoken language in the world, but the status of English as a global language remains unchallenged. Congratulations to all those who’ve made it to the final round of this year’s Competition. You have mastered the language skills needed to navigate both worlds. Together, you and this Contest will help define the future of China.”
Ms. Helen Zimmerman 
Group General Manager Government and Stakeholder Relations, Navitas Ltd
“It is a great honour to be a judge at the 20th Anniversary of the China Daily “21st Century Cup” English Speaking Competition. Navitas has been a proud cooperative partner of the Competition for many years and values being part of such a prestigious, worthwhile and exciting event. May I congratulate China Daily for their foresight in establishing this world class competition. Young people of today are tomorrow’s future leaders. A key competency will be an ability to communicate across cultures. These young contestants, speaking Chinese and English, have a bright future ahead. I wish all the contestants a wonderful competition.  And I pay special respect to their dedicated tutors, their universities and families.”
Ms. Feng Feifei
Global Business Development Manager, BBC Learning English
My heartfelt congratulations on the 20th anniversary of the "21st Century Cup National English Speaking Competition"! From English language learning to cultural understanding, the competition has influenced, shaped, inspired and changed many a life. I wish every success to the competition and to all the past, present and future contestants - it is you who makes the competition extraordinary.
Dr. Tan Eng Han
Country Manager(China), ETS Global
“It is amazing to know that the 21st Century Cup has been running for 20 years, and through the years which ETS has been involved, I have seen it going from strength to strength.  ETS is pleased to be part of the 20th Anniversary event and I look forward to being part of this great Competition in the years to come.”
Prof. Qu Weiguo
Dean, College of Foreign Languages and Literatures, Fudan University 
Public speaking is not about showing how good you are at expressing yourself but how effective you can be in engaging others.